Tuesday, June 9, 2009


in each of my last 19.5 cab rides, the driver has been happily equipped with a blue-tooth in his ear. as he recklessly sweeps through the holy and potholed streets of the city with equal parts guile, grace and indifference, his blue-tooth conversation never ceases. not for a second. not even as he curses quickly in a language i'm unfamliar with. not even when we ram into the car in front of us as part of a five car pile-up. nothing can stop these guys from talking on their bluetooth and the casual demeanor that accompanies their infinite conversations.

but, what i want to know is who are these guys talking to? who possibly has the time to be on the phone with them all day? whose physical and emotional schedule can sync up with that of the blue-toothed cab driver? there is only one possible answer and that possible answer is erotic phone lines. i'm pretty certain of this. standard rates apply.


  1. That has to be the only true explanation. 1-800-call-4sex. hahaha. I wonder the same thing as I drive through the streets of Dallas. Here, not much in the way of cabbie traffic, no we all must have our own vehicle of destruction to ram into each other.

    Thing is, though, as I go down the road everyone seems to be on the phone. Who in the Hell do they all have to talk to all the time? When I drive I like my music LOUD. I refuse to talk when I can hit the tunes with the Bose while driving. In fact, if I notice my phone vibrating in its dashboard holder I won't answer it. My drive, my music. Callers can just go into VM and hang out together until I reach my destination.

    Then again I'm not into the 1-800-call-4sex either... *grins*

  2. Well, as I was reading, I assumed they all talked with each other, since who other than a cab rider has the time (& will) to talk over the phone all day with a cab rider.