Sunday, June 14, 2009

what rocks? (pajamas)

(like a blanket…that you wear)
(popular clothing choice among bananas)

why they rock: it’s a scientific impossibility to put on pajamas and not be happier than you were before putting them on. whether nightwear, daywear, or the rarely used formalwear, pajamas are synonymous with feelings of warmth, euphoria and endless childhood. 

why else they rock: for further proving the brilliance, innovation and dominance of english-speaking nations. according to myth/wikipedia, the original paijama are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawnstring waistbands of south and west asia descent. enter the english: in typical bigger, better, badasser fashion, they add a top to the ensemble and re-invent the wheelhouse of pajamas to refer to a two-piece garment of exceptionally soft caliber. the highly-evolved pajamas prove way superior to the amoebic paijama. 

seriously, what’s the deal with their rocking: The Pajama Bar and Lounge is the ultimate late night hangout, where hip manhattanites congregate to relieve their 9 to 5 or more likely 9 to 9 woes with a bottle of beer, a room full of tunes and show up comfortably dressed in their most favorite and stylish pjs. unfortunately for the world, this place does not yet exist but the good people at tyranny rocks are looking forward to receiving your investments and advice on how to make this utopia a reality. 


  1. I SO Want this establishment! Thing is I don't want it just in Manhatten. No. I would Love to see it in Big D. You know, My sweet Texas town. I feel it would be a complete hit, really.

    I would wear my Princess silky pink pjs with the feathery house slippers to match, could partay dance and prance and then just well, go off to bed when That Moment hit. Heaven.... I once loved slumber parties. *sigh*

  2. If I could only buy one kind of clothing for the rest of my life . . . it would be pajamas. I would make them work in the real world somehow.

    And where do I send my check for The Pajama Bar and Lounge?