Monday, June 22, 2009

why dreams sucks...

sometimes I have a really bad dream (i.e. nightmare, embarassing moment replayed, horrifying sexual fantasy involving model airplanes) and when i wake up i'm still riled up and upset from this terrible unconscious experience.

but then sometimes i have a totally awesome dream (i.e. infinite-sized house, swimming pool filled with foreign currency, dating a female leprechaun) and when i wake up i get riled that it wasn't real and i get upset about this wonderful unconscious experience.

that's why i try to shoot for mediocre dreams (i.e. waiting IN line at starbucks). but usually it doesn't work. and that's why dreams suck. (thanks for the correction, Cindy. Grammar is usually my most attractive quality.)


  1. Oh, God you wrote "on line." It's "in line." IN LINE!!!

  2. I prefer action adventure dreams, horseback riding dreams, but no, never standing in queue dream. ha

    You know, it is possible to manipulate your dreams if you try. True story.

    Last night, I enjoyed yet another dream populated with people I really don't know yet one I certainly would like to... It was more of a tawdry Harlequin romance variety. Quite enjoyable, in a 'It's raining outside, I have a cold and want absolutely no mental challenges at the moment' sort of way.

    Sweet dreams, Blake.

  3. cindy. we have make the necessary alterations...