Tuesday, April 14, 2009

random acts of brilliance (nicholas)

"this is a short story about Ben Burlap - my freshman year roomate and good friend - family from Indiana, they owned a pretty nice turnip farm outside of Indianapolis, one that received a good deal of subsidies. anyway, Ben was polysci, pre-law, did his interships every summer at the governors office in indianapolis...sharp kid all around. i started to think, "this kid is probably going to go somewhere." i'm not sure where, but def gonna have some clout in that town one day. anyway, i went and swooped a variety of domain names that combine combinations of his name...sort of an investment, you know? Oh, and Ben has no idea that I've done this. So don't tell him."
-posted by Nicholas Ribeiro, amateur cybersquatter.
Nicholas has continued to show faith in his investment/friendship by annually renewing these domains since 2007. When this long-term investment pans out, he plans to spend his small fortune helping orphans learn to play golf.
are you a person with above-average intelligence who has committed an RAB (random act of brilliance) and would like to share this moment of glory with your peers in order to be hailed properly? If so, e-mail your story to tyrannyrocks@gmail.com

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  1. good man, Nicholas. I firmly believe that not enough orphans are playing golf these days.