Friday, April 10, 2009

what rocks? (battle royale)


(a kickass novel by koushun takami)

why it rocks:
because it's a story about 42 Japanese middle-school students sent to an island where they are forced to kill each other until only one student remains. plus, it's well-written. 

why else it rocks:
because they are sent to this fatal island by the government. it's true. beyond the superficial literary bloodbath, the novel turns out to be a clever dystopian tale, featuring a totalitarian government regime which makes big brother look like little brother (or, at least, middle brother). in this bleak future, rock and roll has virtually been outlawed, leading to posters around the city that menacingly warn to "Stop Rock!" 

seriously though, what's the deal with its rocking: 
 of all the books annually force-fed middle, high and summer school students, "Lord of the Flies" tends to be one of the favorites. consider this book, then, lord of the flies 2.0. it's a quick compelling read that moves with the the speed and plot of a pulp, but with the velocity of powerful, realistic char acters. so, if you find yourself missing Piggy, Ralph or just conch shells in general, check out this instant-classic. 

[Oh, and also, this book inspired the movie "Battle Royale" which inspired quintin tarantino to "borrow" characters and concepts for his Kill Bill duology, which inspired david carradine to do a series of yellow book commercials which were pretty cool and more importantly made carradine relevant again, a status he parlayed into a guest starring role in a jonas brother video called "Burnin' Up" in which he teaches karate to a young, but zealous unspecified jonas brother. prizes will be awarded to the first, seventh and nineteenth person to correctly identify which sibling is absurdly learning roundhouse kicks from mr. carradine. please choose from the teeniebopping toocooltosmile hooligans below:] 

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